ABC Art in Place Artists

James Culleton

(Image from application)

“My interest in the Smithville Public Art call lies in my love of using art to bring together communities. My efforts in public art and commercial design span several decades and I see this opportunity to further my outreach to a broader audience across North America. My main goal as a creative person is to make the world a more beautiful place through public art while using art to bring people together. I want to see art reaching out from the gallery and brought out to the people. Art should be accessible and have multiple interpretations, as well as enjoyed by everybody.”

UPDATE: The Legacy Portrait Project Results FINAL report shows who will be featured in this mural. Individuals were selected through a number of public surveys. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Stefanie Distefano

(Image from application)

“[I will] create a beautiful mosaic, deep in meaning and visually stunning, entering Smithville’s Southside neighborhood. Art as an opening to our community shows pride, value, and appreciation for our neighborhood. A revitalization is occurring here, and we can foster excitement for the positive energy coming this way with this new sign. It will create a sense of specialness.”




Michael W. Hall

(Image from application)

“As an experienced muralist, nothing would make me happier than the opportunity to design a public art project for the town we now call home. As an abstract painter, I can use my visual vocabulary to create a piece that will represent central elements of Smithville in a truly unique and inspiring way. I will combine Smithville’s long history with the railroad and steam locomotives, with the flowing beauty of the Colorado River.”



Stephanie Shroyer

(Image from application)

“I am excited to apply for this project. Smithville has always been dear to my heart. I am amazed and proud of the immense sense of community this town has. Watching how they come together in the time of need, embracing the diversity of the community and supporting one another’s ambitions interests and dreams fills me with awe. The Community Gardens in Smithville pulls on my heart. I love gardening myself and use leaves that I grow myself in a lot of my art work. I think what the community gardens does for one another is so endearing. I want to capture that in a sculpture to be placed at one of the gardens. So, I want [the work of art] to embody the love of a gardener, grandma, caring, sharing, loving woman giving a gift of food to a small child. Sharing her knowledge and love with the child. She hopes to encourage the child to enjoy fresh home-grown food, and the love of being outdoors, getting your hands in the dirt, and developing a passion for gardening.”


Elizabeth Sullivan

(Image from application)

“I can paint whatever you would like painted. My forte is wild horses and I think it would be an exciting and interesting mural for Smithville – you have a lot of horse lovers around there. Alternatively I propose Texas wildflowers in oversized array, a la Georgia O’Keefe. My third proposal would be a music themed mural, in a country/bluegrass/downhome sort of music theme.”




This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit